A few personal finance facts we all need to know

21st November 2017

Knowing your numbers can do wonders for your money, helping you plan and manage your finances effectively.

Your credit score

If you’re thinking about getting your first mortgage or remortgaging, then it’s important to know your credit score. If it’s not as good as it could be, take steps to improve it before you make your mortgage application.

The rate of interest you’re paying on your mortgage

As the monthly mortgage repayment is often a family’s major outgoing, it’s a good idea to review your mor tgage from time to time, as there may now be a better deal to be had by remortgaging, especially if you’re currently paying interest at your lender’s standard variable rate.

Your state pension age and how much you will receive

The state pension age is increasing, so if you’re not sure when you’ll receive yours, you can check the date and get a forecast of the amount you’ll receive on the government’s website.

Where all your pensions are

If you’ve moved jobs a few times, the chances are you may have paid into several pensions. It’s important to know what your entitlements are; we can advise you whether you’d be better off transferring them into one scheme to cut down on administration and charges.

How much you can save into your isa

The ISA allowance for 2017-18 is £20,000. Don’t pass up this important opportunity to save or invest tax-efficiently. We can help you choose the right ISA for your needs.

What the sum insured is on your home contents policy

Don’t risk being underinsured. If you don’t insure your possessions for the right amount, you could find your insurance company will reduce your payout if you make a claim. It may be time to increase your sum insured in line with the value of your contents.


As a mortgage is secured against your home, it could be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments.