Millions keeping ill health a secret

21st May 2021

According to a recent survey1, seven million people (13% of the population) are keeping mental health issues secret from their loved ones, while just under four million (7%) are hiding a physical health problem.

As well as causing symptoms such as anxiety (34%), guilt (29%) and difficulties sleeping (25%), keeping secrets from our families can also have serious long-term implications.

Protecting against the unexpected

Keeping family members in the dark about important health issues could be painful and shocking if you died or became seriously ill. What’s more, they could find themselves facing financial hardship at an extremely difficult time. Even if you are insured, for example via a life insurance or critical illness policy, your claim may be rejected if, like with your family, you also hide your condition from your insurer.

A listening ear

In these difficult times, a problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t keep things to yourself – talk to us, we can help you put sufficient protection in place to safeguard you and your family against unexpected life events.

1Life Search, 2020